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Why You Need a Digital Thermostat

So you've had the same thermostat for years, why change?

A digital thermostat is just an added cost, right?  Actually, digital thermostats are more than just a bell or whistle.  Digital thermostats, when properly used, can be much more than a pretty face!  Some can even 'learn' your habits and lifestyle and take the guess work out of how to most efficiently run your system.


Here are a few things to consider:

  • Even basic digital thermostats can make your a/c run more smoothly by automatically raising and lowering the temperature for you.  For instance, if you know you'll be out of the house during certain hours, a digital thermostat can reduce the wear and energy consumption traditional thermostats cause by heating and cooling a space while it's not being used.

  • On variable fan systems, some thermostats can adjust the amount of air flow independent from the conditioning.  You know how, sometimes, it's just 'stuffy' but not necessarily 'hot'.  Special digital thermostats can save energy by cycling air only instead of running the compressor and unit continuously.

  • Advanced digital thermostats, like NEST models, are smart devices that learn your habits and adjust according to your specific patterns.  While you certainly can get up and down several times to adjust your unit manually, digital thermostats like the NEST models reduce wear and load on your unit, increase energy efficiency, and provide the optimum use of your total system for maximum comfort.


With the summer months rolling upon us, now is the best time to get your thermostat checked and your system reviewed so you maximize your total comfort.

Air Dynamics in San Angelo is here to take care of you.  If you haven't had your thermostat or system checked in a while,  let us help make your home cool and comfortable throughout the summer.  


Justin Brumley, Owner

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