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Some Helpful Tips to Reduce the Strain on Your A/C Unit

San Angelo's summer is fast approaching.  We had some fantastic rains this year, but even with the rains, our West Texas sun will keep the A/C units running all summer long.  With this in mind, it's important to do a few things in preparation for the coming months so that your unit doesn't have to run as hard or as long. These tips will help you reduce the stress on your A/C unit, keeping you and your house cooler in the months ahead.

  • Landscape around your external unit and keep debris from the vents.  Too often, debris such as leaves, paper products, etc. can clog up the venting and cause the unit to run hotter than it should.

  • Clean or replace your filters often.  While there is no 'set' answer on frequency, at least every six months (and sometimes more often with heavy use or high dust and debris areas) should help keep proper and fresh air flow for you and your unit.

  • Have your unit professionally maintained at least annually.  While it's true the first two measures will improve the efficiency of the air handling and cooling of your unit, dedicated professionals will check and monitor your setup to ensure things like your thermostat and connections and keep your overall system running at peak efficiency.

The summer heat is likely to be fierce this year and properly maintained systems not only can save you time and money but offer the convenience and peace of mind you and your family deserve.

San Angelo weather can be up one minute down the next, but this summer is likely going to put significant strain on your air conditioning unit.  We're glad to help offer some wonderful tips, but it may be time to repair or upgrade that ailing unit. We have some fantastic options!  Call us today and don't forget to ask about our financing to help ease the burden of unexpected repairs or replacements.  We're here to help you stay calm and cool!


Justin Brumley, Owner

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