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The Costs of Bad Water

For many of us in San Angelo, we suffer through the monthly water bills and the yearly reports of 'water quality' because we love our city but don't know of anything else we can do.  Sadly, San Angelo's water is more than just bad taste.  We get around that with water from the windmills and RO services, but even if these weren't costly enough, we're paying the price for bad water in so many other ways.


Without Air Dynamics Pure Water You Have:

  • Drier skin
  • Higher wear and tear on laundry and kitchen appliances
  • Higher plumbing costs and premature replacement
  • Nasty water flavors
  • Poor digestion and more particles for your kidneys and intestines to filter
  • Food with less flavor and nutrition
  • Scale and deposit buildup on every surface of your house
  • Duller hair
  • Increased costs in replacing appliances
  • Inefficient use of soaps, shampoos, and detergents
  • Extra detergents and unfiltered bio-chemicals
  • Lower absorption of key minerals necessary for health
  • Lower overall quality of life
  • Think of everything water touches



How we can make these Claims         Ready for Pure Water?