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Six Important Ways to Control Energy Costs

In Any San Angelo Home - These could save you Big!

What goes up must come down, right? If only this were true with energy bills. The good news is that there are simple things all homeowners can do to control energy costs, so read on to discover six ways to slash your bills.


  • Insulate - Installing adequate insulation is one of the quickest and most effective ways to cut energy bills. Start with the attic, which is a major source of energy waste. You could save hundreds of dollars each year by taking this simple step.

  • Ditch those drafts - One of the  most expensive unseen costs can be a drafty home. Control energy costs by replacing old weatherstripping and caulking. This limits the transfer of warm air between inside and outside and could cut utility costs by as much as 10 percent.

  • Deal with ducts - Unsealed ducts leak conditioned air, driving up the costs of heating and cooling.  Having an HVAC professional perform a review and maintenance of your duct system can safe big $$$.

  • Change your air filter routinely - The air filter in your HVAC system keeps your indoor air quality high, and if allowed to get bogged down with dust and dirt, everything will suffer. A dirty filter not only affects Indoor Air Quality, but it also blocks airflow, which makes the system work harder to do its usual job.  Between the dusty days and the wonderful recent rains, your air filter is a first-line defense but can be costing you if not properly replaced.

  • Don’t forget annual maintenance - Being proactive with HVAC preventive maintenance will not only ensure a longer life span for your equipment, but it can also reduce the energy costs. Waiting until a problem arises can bring more headaches and costs as large repairs.  Scheduled maintenance is convenient and brings peace of  mind as well as huge potential energy savings.

  • Choose energy efficient appliances – Newer appliances can dramatically reduce the strain on the wallet over time. Ditch energy guzzlers like your old washing machine or fridge. Invest in energy efficient replacements to reduce your monthly utility bills.


For more tips on how to control energy costs, contact the experts at Air Dynamics Heating and Cooling. Our customers know we provide the highest satisfaction and best HVAC services in San Angelo and the surrounding area!


Justin Brumley, Owner

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