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Bad Water Can Be Costing You Big

San Angelo's Water is Bad - No Contest There - But Bad Water is More than Bad Taste

As San Angelo residents, we know first-hand the precious nature of good water.  Many of us simply cannot handle the tap water - and we have good reasons, too. The taste is bad enough, but the ways water affects us everyday goes beyond our palate.


Bad Water Costs

Like so many other things in life, it's sometimes the little things that make big differences. Water is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of our life. We're made of 60-70% of the stuff, so there's no question water quality is a big deal. Here are some things we might overlook, though.  

Bad water:

  • Dries our skin
  • Causes higher maintenance and replacement costs for our plumbing and appliances
  • Lowers absorption rates in our digestive tracts and causes our kidneys and intestines to work harder
  • Dulls our hair
  • Causes inefficient use of soaps, shampoos, detergents, and cleansers
  • Costs us more every year than we may want to admit


We Live in San Angelo - What Else Can We Do?

As noted before, many of us use filtered water to help reduce the burden on our bodies internally, but water filtration is only part of the picture. Water softening and water purification, ultimately, is the goal.

There are systems on the market today that promote better water throughout your house.  

This can help dramatically by delivering:

  • Superior tasting water
  • Better and longer lasting food, especially in cooking and cleaning the food
  • Shinier, healthier hair
  • Longer lasting, fresher clothes
  • Softer, smoother, and healthier skin,
  • Reduced plumbing costs and fewer repairs
  • Reduced bottled and r.o. water costs
  • A happier, healthier family and pets


Purified Water is something we may think is out of reach in San Angelo, but new technologies and new options have arrived. We now offer the industry-leading filtration available exclusively through our Air Dynamics family.

We invite you to take a brief tour to see how Pure Water can change you and your family's daily life. Check out our Pure Water page or as always, feel free to contact us directly with any questions you have for water, air conditioning, heating, and HVAC needs!

Justin Brumley, Owner


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