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Aren't All Systems the Same?

Many systems on the market today can do a few of the things ours does, but we use Krystal Klear Water's exclusive package designed to do more than just filter or soften water.  Air Dynamics Pure Water purifies water - and it does it for your entire house.  RO systems filter your water and definitely beat San Angelo's tap.  Water softener systems help you with chemical bonding for cleaning, bathing, and washing clothes.  Our systems do all that and more.  Through the dual-action blend, we absorb contaminants and oxidize remaining impurities and chemicals.


Air Dynamics Pure Water is Simply Better!


Our systems use the finest grade of Coconut Shell Carbon which has exceptionally high absorption abilities.  Just one cup has the absorption power to cover an entire football field of water!


Carbon alone doesn't do enough, though.  Yes, carbon filtration is still the industry standard.  Our superior Coconut Shell Carbon is the leader in filtration but the process doesn't stop there.  Our KDF-55 media employs the chemical process know as REDOX.  This new and impressive measure does what carbon cannot.  Carbon, as an organic media cannot bond with the heavier metals in the way we need to remove them from the water.  The high purity copper and zinc in our systems further enhances your water by exchanging electrons and bonding with chlorine and heavy metals to draw them out of the water before it ever reaches your body.


Heavy metals and microorganisms are two of the most prevalent and damaging factors in our modern water tables.  San Angelo is far from the best, and we at Air Dynamics want to make sure you have access to a whole house solution.



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